Atlantic White Cedar Decking

by Kelsey Tuck September 4, 2019

Why you should add Juniper decking to your product catalog TODAY.

Atlantic White Cedar STK Decking in Florida

Known for its durability and excellent weathering characteristics, Atlantic White Cedar is a non-splintering wood that has a very pleasant yet subtle aroma. Often called “Juniper,” the species grows in dense patches heavily on the East Coast of the United States.

So why should Atlantic White Cedar Decking be added to your list of product offerings? There are tons of composite decking options currently flooding the market. For those customers who are looking to keep things natural, but want the lasting ability of a composite product, Atlantic White Cedar is the perfect species.

Rot & Weather Resistant
Cost Effective
Light Weight & Workable
30-year old Juniper Decking & Siding Material in Suffolk, Virginia

Juniper is strong, yet light which makes for easy application. Natural low-moisture content allows the species to perform exceptionally well in exterior applications. Its sustainability creates a long-lasting product that silvers beautifully with age. Produced with either a square edge or a radius eased edge, Atlantic White Cedar Decking can be left natural or painted to meet a project’s design needs.
Gates Milling, Inc. grades its Atlantic White Cedar products per NHLA Grade rules. The common grade of Atlantic White Cedar is known as Select Tight Knot (STK) and does not allow for through-knot or black knot. This creates a strong product with a beautiful, natural character. The species tends to run heavy to longer lengths when finished, but the character allows for defect trimming.

Atlantic White Cedar Decking at Saratoga Resort & Spa in Wyoming