Atlantic White Cedar

Atlantic White Cedar

Scientific Name: Chamaecyparis thyoides


Atlantic White Cedar, known for its durability and excellent weathering characteristics, is a non-splintering wood that has a very pleasant yet subtle aroma. Softer than its West Coast counterpart, the species is often referred to as Eastern White Cedar in order to differentiate it from a northern variety. Due to its ideal nature for interior and exterior products, Gates Milling produces a wide variety of products that can be used in either application. The species is also often used in decking, fencing, exterior siding, interior paneling, and boat building applications.

Grading Differentials

Atlantic White Cedar is offered in both a Select and STK (Select Tight Knot) grade. Due to the nature of the log diameter, Select Atlantic White Cedar is a relatively rare product and available on a limited basis.

Atlantic White Cedar STK boards grain
Altantic White Cedar STK
Atlantic White Cedar Select boards grain
Atlantic White Cedar Select



4/4 x 4” through 12”
5/4 x 4” through 12”
6/4 x 4” through 12”
7/4 x 4” through 12”
8/4 x 4” through 12”


Lengths 6’ through 20’
Widths 3” x 3” through 6” x 8”

Surfacing available


Gates Milling, Inc. sources most of its logs from within 50 miles of the mill location. Atlantic White Cedar grows along the Atlantic Coast from Maine to northern parts of Florida, and inland along the Gulf Coast towards Louisiana.

Average Weight

Green- 3.5 lbs/BF
Dry- 2 lbs/BF
Finished- 1.5 lbs/BF

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