Red Oak

Red Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus rubra


The Red Oak species depicts a heartwood that is light to medium brown, commonly with a red tint. Sapwood is often indistinguishable from the heartwood. The species is most often used for cabinetry, furniture, trim-work and flooring. Red Oak has the tendency to react with iron which causes staining and discoloration.

Grading Differentials

Gates Milling, Inc. offers Red Oak in FAS, Select, 1 Common, 2 Common, and 3 Common grades.



4/4 x 4” through 12”
5/4 x RW
6/4 x RW


Timbers available upon request.


Gates Milling, Inc. sources most of its logs from within 50 miles of the mill location. Red Oak naturally grows throughout the Northeastern United States and Southeastern portions of Canada.

Average Weight

Green – 5.25 lbs/BF

Dry – 3.5 lbs/BF

Finished – 2.5lbs/BF

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