White Ash

White Ash

Scientific Name: Fraxinus Americana


White Ash heartwood is a light brown and the sapwood is similarly colored, often masking a visible distinction between the two. The species is known for its toughness as well as its elasticity. Common applications include interior paneling, furniture building, baseball bats, and oars.

Grading Differentials

Gates Milling, Inc. offers White Ash in FAS, 2 & Better, 1 Common, 2 Common, and 3 Common grades.



4/4 x 4” through 12”
5/4 x RW
6/4 x RW
8/4 x RW


Timbers available upon request.


Gates Milling, Inc. sources most of its logs from within 50 miles of the mill location. A native tree of Virginia, Ash is common across the Eastern portion of North America.

Average Weight

Green – 4 lbs/BF

Dry –  3.5 lbs/BF

Finished –2.5 lbs/BF

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