Since 1978, Gates Milling, Inc. has grown into a premier source of Cypress and Poplar products, as well as the nation’s largest producer of Atlantic White Cedar products. From decking and siding to interior moldings and colored mulch, Gates offers a wide range of products to fit any client’s needs.

All the while, Gates has remained committed to quality over quantity. A fully integrated, full-service facility allows Gates to make its products entirely in-house, giving the team – and the client – complete control over the customization process. The result is high-quality, completely customizable products in the quantities that wholesalers and distributors need at competitive prices.

Full-integration matters because client needs change over time. Gates is a market-driven company, able to adapt to changing tastes, styles and regions without altering its unique in-house process. Gates’ experience in the industry allows the company to predict customer needs, and its state-of-the-art, fully integrated production style allows clients to request what they can’t find elsewhere.

Ultimately, the Gates’ formula is simple: Quality people creating quality wood products.