Gates Milling, Inc. is a leader, innovator, and fully-integrated, state-of-the-art, quality producer of specialty wood products. Having a world awareness of the value of renewable resources while being good stewards of its raw materials, the organization is technology driven as well as focused on maintaining a premium work environment.

Located in Gatesville, North Carolina, Gates Custom Milling, Inc. was established in 1978 as a family-owned operation. Founder Brian H. Martin sought to remanufacture Atlantic White Cedar lumber into both interior and exterior products. Since then, Gates has grown into the largest producer of Atlantic White Cedar products in the country, as well as a high-quality producer of Cypress and Poplar materials.

After a devastating fire in 1981, Gates began the process of expanding into a full-service, fully integrated operation, taking control of all aspects of the milling process. Over the years, a sawmill, Weinig Molder, and dry kilns were added to the operation. In addition to the new equipment, a second generation of Martin’s family joined the team. Today, Gates produces a full product line, from interior paneling to exterior siding and mulch, completely in-house. An ongoing commitment to new technology keeps Gates at the forefront of customization and specialty milling.

Along with this growth, Gates has developed an experienced team at all stages of the milling process. Current owners Mark & Nancy Tuck each have nearly 30 years of experience with the business, and most of the facility’s equipment is operated by employees who have at least 10 years of experience. Part of the successful tenure of the team derives from a benefits package that enables the mill to attract and retain highly valuable members. Gates continues to enrich its team’s experience in the industry through active involvement in relevant trade associations and like-minded organizations, including those that promote stewardship and sustainability.

Then & Now

1978: Gates Custom Milling, Inc. opens out of an existing planer mill facility in Gatesville, North Carolina

1981: Burglars set the Gates facility on fire, causing the company to rebuild and begin expansion

1988: Current President Mark Tuck joins his father-in-law in business as vice president

1992: Current CEO Nancy Tuck joins her father and husband in business to oversee administration, marketing and finance

1997: Gates begins producing Poplar products for frames located in the Midwest

1999: Gates builds an entirely new sawmill and begins producing Cypress products, allowing the company to offer national and international customers a full line of Atlantic White Cedar, Poplar and Cypress products

2005: Gates begins use of two new dry kilns, completing the full integration of Gates’ milling process

2012: Nancy and Mark purchased the assets of the company from Nancy’s parents and founders, and renamed the company to Gates Milling, Inc.

Present Day: Gates Milling, Inc. produces nearly 12 million board feet annually. The mill remains the nation’s number one producer of Atlantic White Cedar and a top producer of both Cypress and Poplar serving wholesale distributors across a majority of the country as well as internationally.