Scientific Name: Taxodium distichum


Also referred to as Bald Cypress, Cypress is known for its durability, contains a beautiful natural grain, but also accepts stain and paint well. Cypress lumber tends to be a light yellow-brown, and sapwood is nearly white. The grain is straight with medium-coarse texture. The species is ideal for both interior and exterior applications and is commonly used for post and beam construction, fencing, interior paneling, exterior siding, as well as furniture building.

American Cypress represents a high-quality, durable brand of Cypress lumber and finished goods manufactured with the utmost care and technology, backed by the years of experience and knowledge that Gates Milling, Inc. provides.

Grading Differentials

Gates Milling, Inc. offers Select and 2 Common American Cypress and Pecky Cypress lumber. American Cypress timber grades include Square Edge & Sound, 1 Common, and 2 Common. Throughout the production process, the mill grades American Cypress three separate times and strictly adheres to NHLA Grading Guidelines.

Cypress 2 Common boards grain
Cypress 2 Common
Cypress Select boards grain
Cypress Select
Pecky Cypress boards grain
Pecky Cypress



4/4 x 4” through 12”
5/4 x 4” through 12”
6/4 x 4” through 12”
7/4 x 4” through 12”
8/4 x 4” through 12”


Lengths 6’ through 28’
Widths 3” x 3” through 16” x 16”
Surfacing available up to 8” x 12”


Gates Milling, Inc. sources most of its logs from within 50 miles of the mill location. Cypress is an abundant species throughout southern forestland and can be found across most of the Southeatstern United States. Harvesting Cypress logs is an essential practice when it comes to maintaining healthy forests, sustaining forest succession, and creating biodiversity. An exceptionally sustainable species, more carbon is sequestered by a Cypress tree than is used over a wood product’s entire life cycle.

Average Weight

Green – 5 lbs/BF
Dry – 2.5 lbs/BF
Finished – 2 lbs/BF

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