White Oak

White Oak

Scientific Name: Quercus alba


White Oak typically displays heartwood of a light/medium brown which often has an olive tint to it. The species is straight-grained and known for its durability. Responding well to glues, stains, and finishes, White Oak is most commonly used for cabinetry, furniture building, trim-work, flooring, and boat building.

Grading Differentials

Gates Milling, Inc. offers White Oak in FAS, Select, 1 Common, 2 Common, and 3 Common grades. A Rustic White Oak grade is also available.

White Oak FAS boards grain
White Oak FAS
White Oak 1 Common board grain
White Oak 1 Common
white oak 2 common boards grain
White Oak 2 Common
White Oak 3 Common boards grain
White Oak 3 Common
rustic White Oak board grain
Rustic White Oak



4/4 x 4” through 12”
5/4 x RW
8/4 x RW


Timbers available upon request.


Gates Milling, Inc. sources most of its logs from within 50 miles of the mill location. Prominent through the Eastern United States, White Oak maintains its best growth in deep, well-drained soils.

Average Weight

Green – 5.20 lbs/BF
Dry – 4 lbs/BF
Finished –3 lbs/BF

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